To protect and restore native land for wildlife through acquisition, management, education, and research.

The Land for Wildlife Foundation was created to ensure that land is preserved and protected for wildlife. Our goal is to acquire land through purchase and donation. We will work with other foundations and government agencies to create water catchment systems. These will give the animals access to water, even during dry seasons. This will also help to keep them from the canals where they often drown and out of the fields that grow our food.

Many of the government agencies and foundations that currently work with wildlife, have to solicit individual landowners for permission to use their land or they have to maintain any land that they themselves own. Maintaining their own land is something that becomes costly and time consuming, taking away from their other duties and responsibilities. The Land for Wildlife Foundation will work with these organizations to establish positive change for the wildlife and then continue to maintain and protect the land and structures. We will also be working to create research and educational opportunities.


Protect Wildlife. Preserve Land. Create Better Habitats.

As each year goes by, more and more houses and businesses are being built. This causes our cities and towns to expand and continue to encroach on our wildland. By purchasing some of this land, we can ensure that our wildland doesn’t disappear and our wildlife have the habitats they need.

We will create better habitats by making sure that wildlife has sufficient food and access to water. We live in the desert and wildlife can often be found caught in fences, wandering in fields and stuck in canals trying to get to food and water. This can cause contamination of our own food supplies. It also causes the death of animals. As they are trying to get across, they are often found dead in fences, or drowned in the canals. They won’t need to wander into these areas if they can find sufficient sustenance in their own stomping grounds.

Wildlife Education

We will be creating different programs that allow anyone that is interested to learn more about the local area. This will include sharing knowledge about plants, wildlife and local history. One program that we envision is a safari type drive that would allow participants to see local wildlife in their habitat without invading or damaging the area.

Create Hiking Trails

We will create hiking trails in designated areas that allow people to get out and enjoy nature without invading or damaging wildlife habitat. Along these trails we will add informative plaques that can educate the community about wildlife and native plants.

Recreation in Nature

As we grow, we would like to have designated recreation areas. We love camping, hiking and time out in nature as much as the next person. However, with our goal being to help preserve wildlife, we will create designated areas to ensure we all are able to enjoy nature.

Wildfire Prevention

We will take necessary measures on our own lands to prevent wildfires from occurring and containing the spread if we should have one. This would include things like creating fire breaks and thinning out areas that have too much overgrowth. Instead, we would spread out the plant life where it is so condensed.

As we grow, we will be creating our own wildland fire department. Each year, wildfires make national news and we are always fighting to control them. Our department will work to protect our own lands and be deployed to help others.

Looking to Volunteer?

You can help this cause by donating your time to work on the land with us, by donating equipment or donating money.

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